How to get an internship with a motorsport team?

How to get an internship with a motorsport team?
Derek Falcone / May, 9 2023 / Motorsport Careers and Internships

Introduction to Motorsport Internships

As an avid motorsport enthusiast, I've always dreamed of being a part of a professional motorsport team. Internships are a great way to gain experience and exposure to the industry, and can be an excellent stepping stone towards a full-time position. In this article, I will share my insights on how to get an internship with a motorsport team, based on my personal experiences and research. I will cover various aspects of the process, from researching opportunities to acing the interview.

Researching Motorsport Teams and Opportunities

Before you begin your search for an internship, it's important to gain a firm understanding of the motorsport industry and the different types of teams that exist. There are numerous racing series, such as Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, and MotoGP, each with their own unique teams and requirements. Spend some time researching the various series and teams, and identify those that align with your interests and goals.

Once you have a clear idea of the teams you'd like to work with, start looking for internship opportunities. Many teams post internship openings on their websites, as well as on general job search websites and motorsport-specific job boards. Additionally, consider attending motorsport events and networking with team members to learn about potential opportunities that may not be advertised.

Developing Relevant Skills and Experience

Getting an internship with a motorsport team is a competitive process, and having relevant skills and experience can significantly increase your chances of success. This may include formal education in fields like engineering, business, or sports management, as well as hands-on experience in automotive repair or racing. Volunteering at local racing events or participating in motorsport clubs can also help you develop valuable skills and contacts within the industry.

When building your resume, be sure to highlight any relevant coursework, projects, or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your passion for motorsport and your ability to contribute to a team. This will help you stand out from other applicants and show potential employers that you are serious about a career in the industry.

Creating a Strong Resume and Cover Letter

A well-crafted resume and cover letter are essential in making a strong first impression on potential motorsport employers. Your resume should be concise and tailored to the specific internship you are applying for, highlighting your relevant skills, experience, and achievements. Be sure to include any motorsport-specific experience or education you have, as well as any related hobbies or interests that demonstrate your passion for the industry.

Your cover letter should complement your resume by providing additional context and explaining why you are interested in the internship and the team in question. Be sure to research the team and its history, and mention any specific aspects that resonate with you personally. This will help show potential employers that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity and have taken the time to learn about their organization.

Networking and Building Connections

Networking can be a valuable tool in your quest to secure a motorsport internship. Attend industry events, such as races, trade shows, and conferences, and engage with team members, fellow enthusiasts, and potential employers. Be genuine in your interactions and express your passion for motorsport, as well as your desire to learn and grow within the industry.

Social media can also be an effective networking tool, allowing you to connect with professionals and teams from around the world. Join motorsport-related groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and participate in discussions and networking events. By building connections within the industry, you may come across internship opportunities that are not advertised elsewhere, or receive valuable referrals from your contacts.

Preparing for the Interview

Once you've landed an interview for a motorsport internship, it's important to be well-prepared in order to make the best possible impression. Research the team and its history, as well as any recent news or developments. Familiarize yourself with the team's key personnel, such as the team principal, drivers, and engineers, as well as their accomplishments and goals.

Prepare answers to common interview questions, such as why you are interested in the internship, how your skills and experience align with the role, and what you hope to gain from the experience. Be prepared to discuss any relevant projects or coursework you've completed, as well as your involvement in motorsport-related activities. Finally, come up with a few thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer about the team and the internship, as this will demonstrate your engagement and enthusiasm.

Making the Most of Your Motorsport Internship

Once you've secured an internship with a motorsport team, it's important to make the most of the opportunity in order to maximize your learning and growth. Be proactive and eager to take on new tasks and projects, and don't be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance from your colleagues. Take advantage of opportunities to network with team members and other professionals in the industry, as these connections could prove invaluable in your future career.

Be sure to document your experiences and accomplishments during your internship, as these can be valuable additions to your resume and portfolio. By approaching your internship with enthusiasm, dedication, and a willingness to learn, you will not only gain valuable experience but also increase your chances of securing a full-time position within the motorsport industry.


Getting an internship with a motorsport team can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, providing you with invaluable insights and connections within the industry. By researching opportunities, developing relevant skills, crafting a strong resume and cover letter, networking, and preparing for interviews, you can greatly increase your chances of landing an internship in this exciting field. Remember to make the most of your internship experience by being proactive, eager to learn, and dedicated to your personal and professional growth. Good luck in your pursuit of a motorsport internship, and may your passion for racing fuel your success!